Vail Colorado

Vail Colorado is an exciting place for a vacation. Regardless of the season, there is always something fun to do, whether you are traveling through Vail to ski Vail, to visit the Vail ski resort, or to take in the many sights, sounds, and special activities that are continually happening in and around Vail, Colorado. With your trip to Vail you can expect to enjoy; culinary wonders, interesting music and arts events, special festivals, ongoing wellness and fitness activities, of course skiing adventures down the famed Vail Colorado peaks, a wealth of museums and galleries, and plenty of sightseeing.

Activities in Vail

When you first arrive in Vail, Colorado, you will immediately want to get oriented to all the great activities and events that are going on. You can actually start planning your trip before you even arrive, using online event calendars to target special Vail, Colorado events that will be taking place during the time of your visit.

Ski Vail

If you are a skiing enthusiast, you will likely want to schedule your other Vail, Colorado activities around frequent skiing trips at the Vail ski resort. To ski in Vail is an experience without equal and you will want to make sure you leave plenty of time in your calendar for the main reason many visitors seek out Vail, Colorado as their vacation destination.

Vail is a huge mountain that offers seemingly endless ski runs of all difficulty levels. There are numerous ski lifts, ski alleys and ski pulls to help traverse this amazing playground. When skiing in Vail be sure to check out the back bowls. During my last trip to Vail we were able to ski the bowl just after the grooming machine had just finished a run. When we hit the snow and started gliding down the mountain I felt like I was flying. It was truly one of the best ski experiences of my life.

There are also some really neat runs that go though wooded areas in Vail. While you need to be very careful in these places, they can provide a unique experience. One the particular runs has a half-pipe type section where you can ski up and down the walls like in a barrel. Again, an amazing ski experience. I highly recommend skiing in Vail for all types of skiers. Just be sure to be in good shape, as it is a large mountain with great ski opportunities.

Vail Events

Whether your daily agenda includes visiting the Vail Colorado Farmers Market, partaking in Vail's annual Restaurant Month, taking in the sights of Vail, Colorado's natural wonders through kayaking or rafting, planning a Vail ski resort day, joining in for the many other athletic events that are continually happening around Vail, attending one of Vail Colorado's many special themed festivals, or restaurant hopping, get ready for a vacation you will treasure when you visit Vail Colorado.