Colorado Ski Rental

Not everyone owns ski equipment but that is why we have colorado ski rental shops. Find everything you need to go skiing or snowboarding while in colorado at a rental store. Most colorado ski rental shops have the latest in technology and performance, while also focusing on equipment safety.

Getting Fitted for Ski Rental Equipment

When you first enter the ski rental store, you will be greeted by a sales associate who will ask a series of questions to identify the type of skiing you are going to do. They will also figure out the type of skiier you are, which is helpful in selecting the type of ski equipment package they choose. After they know what ski equipment package you will be using, the next step is to have the equipment fitted for you. These starts at the boots, which are then fitted to the skis for a secure fit. Next up they will select a helmet that is comfortable and functional. The last part is the ski equipment fitting procdess is selecting ski poles. Ski poles are matched up by the persons height and overall feel.

Snowboard Rental

Colorado ski rental shops also provide snowboard rental for those who want to snowboard. When fitting for a snowboard, the sales associated will determine the level and type of snowboarded being fitted. They will then pick a snowboard based on your weight and height, then select the snowboard boots based on foot size. Don't forget the helmet either!

Colorado ski rental shops also provide you with access to ski instructors and may provided discounts for local shopping. Be sure to ask the person helping you about the ski town and things you should do besides ski.