Beaver Creek Colorado

Beaver Creek Colorado is a destination resort for skiers, but the beaver creek ski resort offers much more than skiing. There are activities that allow guests to stay warm and dry in Beaver Creek, Colorado, from dining to shopping. In the evenings, both the skiers and those enjoying the other Beaver Creek, Colorado, services can mingle and listen to live music, comedians or dance.

Beaver Creek Ski Resorts

There are many different types of Colorado ski resorts in Beaver Creek, each offering a different location and levels of service. Many of these Beaver Creek Colorado ski resorts offer ski-in / ski-out lodging which is very helpful for families and those not wanting to carry their equipment around to get to the ski lifts. There are also locker rooms at the resort where you may store the ski equipment and keep it out of the room. The ski resorts in Beaver Creek are located on and off the mountain. There is a resort that has a ski lift that travels from the base of the ski runs, across the golf courses, across the main road and into the main lobby across the street. There are also ski resorts just a few blocks away that offer door-to-lift shuttle bus services. So depending on your budget and amenities you would like, there is a ski resort for you in Beaver Creek.

Beaver Creek Ski Rental and Snowboard Rental

No need to worry about not having ski or snowboard equipment in Beaver Creek. There are plenty of ski rental shops in the area with friendly staff that will help you get fitted for the right gear based on your level of skiing and your size. They also provide snowboard gear such as boards and helmets. If you want to buy the ski gear the ski rental shops also sell ski equipment. You will find the best deals on ski gear in the Summer time, but if you need to rent be sure to look around at one of the local tourist stops. There you can find coupons for discounts on ski rentals that can really help you save money.

Beaver Creek Dining

Thirty-three different dining options await guests that come to ski Beaver Creek, Colorado. Couples can enjoy a romantic meal at a restaurant such as Mirabelle Restaurant. Other Beaver Creek, Colorado, options include Wolfgang Puck's Spago restaurant and Splendido. For those seeking a social experience, enjoy sharing many small plates of tapas at Osprey Lounge. For guests looking for a less formal dining atmosphere, there are many different pizza, sandwich and sports bar restaurants Beaver Creek, Colorado. There is even a restaurant featuring both sweet and savory crepes in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Beaver Creek Shopping

When choosing shopping options, visitors looking to ski beaver creek find 46 stores awaiting them. Many of these stores offer equipment for skiing, snowboarding and hunting. Others offer clothing both for the outdoors and evenings at the clubs. The Beaver Creek Ski Resort offers many souvenir shops as well, to bring home a memory of your vacation and share them with your friends. As a break from skiing or shopping, enjoy a day at the spa. Beaver Creek, Colorado's spa services are available for adults and children alike. There's a special section of the spa for children.

Beaver Creek Entertainment

Entertainment is not limited to daytime in Beaver Creek, Colorado. In the evenings, those that come to ski Beaver Creek enjoy music and theatrical performances. The Coyote Cafe Bar even features ski movies for those of you that can't get enough of the slopes.

Beaver Creek Skiing

Skiing Beaver Creek is a great family activity as well. The mountain is large enough so that it is not extremely crowded, but at the same time it is small enough not to get lost from the group. There are lifts at the bottom that run you to mid points and lifts at the mid-point that will take you up higher. You can also ski across the mountain at Beaver Creek to access other lifts for more challenging skiing. There is a nice lodge and restaurant at the point where the main lift drops of skiers and snowboarders. This restaurant has a bar, food court and relaxing lounge where you can relax and meet other skiers.

Traveling to Beaver Creek

Traveling to Beaver Creek is pretty easy and getting to the actual ski lifts is possible a variety of ways. For those staying at the Beaver Creek Ski Resort, you may walk our your door and step onto one of the moving walkways. The moving walkways make is easier to get around when carrying all of your ski equipment. There is also a large parking lot at the bottom of the mountain where a shuttle will pick you up and drop you off right at the base of the main ski lift and ski village. Beaver Creek is located close to the Vail / Eagle Airport, just off of I-70 and only about 20 minutes from Vail Colorado. Getting in and out is pretty easy and there are plenty of transportation options once you get there.

Beaver Creek Ski School

During my last trip to Beaver Creek I was able to enjoy watching the ski school kids cut across the mountain and having a great time. Ski school in Beaver Creek is available for all ages as private or group lessons. From what I saw the ski school instructors were very professional and took good care of their groups.

Snowboard Beaver Creek

Snowboarding in Beaver Creek is also popular. There is a course on the mountain for snowboarders and skiers where they can ride ramps, rails, pipes and other obstacles to challenge their snowboard and ski skills.

Overall, Beaver Creek is a great and fun mountain. A little on the small side, but for those who enjoy shorter runs and more of a family safe environment, then Beaver Creek Colorado is a place to visit.